Zoom G5 Multi-FX Pedal (Pre-Owned)

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Pre-Owned pedal, in as new condition. Comes supplied with power supply & manual.
Does not come boxed.

Not only does the G5 boast an impressive 123 effects and 22 amp/cabinet models, but it also allows you to chain up to 9 of them together, in whatever order you want, giving you full control over your presets and overall sound options. 

Each of the four footswitches features it's very own backlit display and control knobs, making it easy to edit each effect and to bring them in or out when needed.  There's also the amazing three-dimensional Z-Pedal and (my favourite feature) a 12AX7 tube booster, plus a balanced line-level output, onboard chromatic tuner, and an integrate rhythm machine and Looper. 

With a whopping 145 great sounding DSP effects to choose from, the G5 certainly makes you spoilt for choice.  These effects include 123 classic stompboxes - from compressors and noise gates to boosters, overdrives, fuzzes and more - and 22 Amp and Preamp models - emulating both vintage and modern, tube and solid-state amp favourites from across the decades.

Included in the stompbox selections are many old favourites and famous names, both classic and contemporary, such as the famous Muff fuzz distortion, a TS808, and even a Moog MF-101 ring modulation effect.  There's also plenty of original Zoom effects to, including Zoom's Noise Reduction (ZNR) algorithm and ExtremeDS, which boasts the most powerful gain of any distortion effect in the world!  Whether you want delays, reverbs, filters, phase, chorus, wah, or distortion, the G5 has got you covered and then some.  There's also an addition 20 expressive effects that have been specially designed for use with the Z-Pedal!

The control and LCD screen layout of the G5 makes it intuitive to use in both a live and studio setting, and makes creating, saving and rearranging effects a breeze.  The awesome processing power of th G5 allows you to run up to 9 different effects simultaneously, arranged in whatever chain order you like, and the signal flow can be reversed at the touch of a button.  You get 297 patch memories with which to store your custom edited and chained multi-effects, and each one has been pre-loaded with useful factory settings which you can edit at the touch of a button!

As if the array of effect and amp choices alone wasn't enough, the G5 also offers a slew of other advanced features, including a built-in Tube Booster - complete with a real 12AX7 vacuum tube - for that extra warm and intense tone, and up to 16 dB of extra overdrive.  There's also a built-in chromatic tuner that supports a variety of standard guitar tunings (including drop tunings).  A Tap Tempo function allows you to further edit delay times and modulation frequencies in real time.  There's also 41 realistic-sounding rhythm patterns for you to jam along to as well - PCM samples of drums being played in a variety of different genres and time signatures.  Add to that an onboard looper and you're pretty much set to become your very own one-man band.

Unlike other expression pedals, the awesome Z-Pedal actually works in 3D - rather than the usual Vertical sensor (Up & Down), this pedal also has a Horizontal sensor and side to side movement, meaning you can control up to three effect parameters at the same time (ie. volume, modulation rate and delay time).  Twenty factor patches have been provided which are specifically designed for use with the Z-Pedal, and a simple calibration procedure enables you to edit the pedal's sensitivity, allowing it to adapt to your particular play style.

Connect your G5 up to any PC or Mac via USB port, allowing it to act as a 2-input / 2-output audio interface.  Simply open up an appropriate DAW app (such as the Steinberg Cubase LE software included with your G5 purchase) and begin laying down tracks!  Direct monitorying during the recording process offers zero latency, letting you overdub without issue.

You can also use Zoom's very own Edit & Share software (a free download available from the Zoom website), which allows you to catalog, edit and share your patches online with other Zoom users, or download new patch settings for your own presets.  Simply use the sorting tools to find the patch you are after, then drag, drop and reload them in whatever order you need for your next performance.



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