Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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The Zoom G3n Multi Effects Processor has a diverse range of sounds that can be accessed with ease. The system features a diverse range of tones that includes classic effects like distortion and delay, all the way to more challenging sounds such as flange and chorus. Up to seven of these high quality digital tones can be chained in any order to produce a truly signature sound. The unit benefits from digital screens and control knobs to easily navigate through the features, whilst the external software allows connection to a Mac/Windows computer for increased patches. The in-built looper records up to 80 second phrases, which is ideal for live performances. The G3n is ideal for guitarists requiring a diverse number of effects in one easily portable, convenient unit.

Zoom has equipped the G3n with enough effects for even the most textured guitarist. The amplifier and cabinet modes allow users to DI their guitar straight to an audio interface whilst still getting classic speaker tone. The modes include classic amplifier sounds from Fender, MESA Boogie, Marshall and more. The controls on the G3n accurately reflect the parameters of each amplifier, so you can tweak it to the classic tones. The range of effects and parameters allow you to build complex layers and textures. The on board EQ and compression ensures that your signal is never lost. All of the effects can be aligned in your own chain setting to create your signature sound.

The G3n’s benefits don’t stop at the unit itself. Thanks to downloadable software, you can connect it to you Mac/PC for even more resources. The 75 custom patches focus on the signature sounds for artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana and many more. The Zoom database is always being updated, so the number of available patches is ever increasing.

A musician should never stop learning. This is why the G3n is packed with features to take from your bedroom to the stage. Before playing, there’s an integrated tuner that can either bypass the effects or mute your output, which is ideal for live use. The 68 built-in rhythm patterns can be used to jam, practise and perform independently. The looper is a classic effect for singer songwriters, recording phrases of up to 80 seconds that can still run through your effects chain. There’s even an auxiliary input for using playback from your smartphone to jam along to.
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