Yamaha NPV-80 Stage Piano - *Pre-Owned*


*Pre-Owned Item - in as new condition* - Comes Boxed with sustain pedal

When you need a keyboard to be used everywhere from your bedroom to the stage, you don't want to have to worry about breaking your back every time you move it! The Yamaha NPV range solves the problem by providing pro features and comfortable playing action in a slim and light package that will leave you wondering where the electronics that make all the great sounds actually are!

The NPV80 forms part of the Yamaha Piaggero series, that for it's unique name and ethos, combines the "Piano" with "leggero" which is italian for light. The result is a fun piano that suits both the home enthusiast and light entertainment performer with its great sounds, creative feature set and truly portable design.

As most pianists will agree, one of the most important features of any piano/keyboard is the feel of the keys. Yamaha have created a light and comfortable piano-like "Graded Soft-Touch" response, Giving you total control of the high quality sounds for dynamic and musical performance potential.

If you're just learning the piano, the V80 has a variety of fun learning guides to help you make the most of your practice sessions. The Performance Assistant is great for complete beginners and there's a lesson system that is really useful if you are teaching yourself or are looking for something different to compliment your playing.

Whether Yamaha meant it or not, a perfect anagram of Piaggero is Arpeggio which just happens to hint at the the Series' powerful trump card, the "Style" section. This versatile arpeggiator feature provides a complete backing band controlled by the chords you play in your left hand, leaving you're right hand to jam out a awesome melodies over the top for a full performance. Whether your're looking to play Jazz, Blues, Disco or Reggae, the NVP80 delivers with bass, drums, guitars, brass, piano; anything that's style appropriate. You can trigger fills, intros, endings and everything to add a little sparkle and polish to your original compositions. What's more, its really easy to get the hang of and find something that sounds great, with plenty of flexibility as you learn.


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Brand Yamaha