Tanglewood Tiare Soprano Ukulele Wine Red Stain


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Pure ukulele goodness. The Tanglewood Tiare Soprano Ukulele boasts an excellent standard of craftsmanship and design. With mahogany back and sides, it has a warm, scintillating tone which makes your notes shine with a vibrant voicing. Every time you pluck or strum the strings, you'll be rewarded with a pristine, beautiful, singing response which is sure to get you singing and dancing away. And the soprano shape offers comfort and ease of playing - perfect for players of any size or level. This ukulele is a true gem.

It makes your music shine. With the back and sides made from mahogany, this ukulele emits a glowing resonance which rings out powerfully. Warm, distinctive, and mellow, it truly helps to bring out the best in your overall tone. Chords will have a seductive, colourful voicing, whilst individual notes will sing with a richness and fullness which will inspire you to keep playing. It's a truly outstanding wood which makes this instrument sound spectacular.

Superbly comfortable. The soprano body shape of the Tiare Soprano Ukulele makes it incredibly easy to play. Neat and compact, you can hold it without trouble, meaning you'll be free to play in your own way. And it offers that classic ukulele sound, with a short scale for tight, accurate playing. You can't go wrong with this small, super-playable instrument sitting in your arms.

Let your fingers loose. The techwood fretboard feels perfectly smooth and comfortable to the touch. Your fingers will have no trouble gliding across its surface, and you'll find that it helps to balance out the warm tone of the mahogany. The black walnut bridge also helps to hold the strings firmly in place, whilst boosting resonance and sustain. Then there's the sleek mahogany neck, which will fit into your hand perfectly for smooth manoeuvring. You'll enjoy exceptional playability with the Tiare Soprano Ukulele, and your music will blossom as a result.

Brand Tanglewood