Stagg Tim Junior 3 Piece Drum Kit Red

Everything a child needs to become a drummer! The Stagg 3pc 16'' Junior Drum Kit with Hardware and Throne is perfect for any child. The drum kit includes a bass drum, snare drum, tom drum, crash cymbal, bass drum pedal, drum throne, drumsticks and a drum tuning key! The snare drum, tom drum, and crash cymbal all come with stands and holders and can be adjusted to fit your child's preferences as a new drummer. The kit also has a stunning red finish with excellent black hardware included.


  • 1x 16 X 11" bass drum (6 lugs)
  • 1x 10 x 5" snare drum (4 lugs) with stand
  • 1x 8 x 6" tom (4 lugs) with holder
  • 1x 10" crash cymbal with holder
  • 1x bass drum pedal
  • 1x 4-section drum throne
  • 1x pair of drumsticks and tuning key
Brand Stagg