Squier Affinity Strat Pack - Black

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A comfortable and versatile performance are the essential ingredients your guitar will need to help you develop and improve your skills. The Affinity Stratocaster's sleek C-shaped neck lets your hand sit comfortably anywhere on the neck. You'll play for hours and hours without cramp retraining you. It also features a double cutaway body shape, which maximises the access you have to the upper frets. Comfort across the entire fingerboard.

A trio of single-coil pickups are where you'll get the Strat's incredible array of tones. Immense power and dynamics will suit anything from rock to blues, funk, and more. You'll never get bored with the Affinity Strat's wide range of tones. Nor will you feel constricted in any way while playing.

The ideal amp to experiment with different tones. The Frontman 10G provides you with massive sounds, boasting 10 watts of power for the perfect home performance - without disturbing the neighbours. For times when you can't rock the house, the headphone jack lets you can practice in silence. Ideal for those late night playing sessions.

You can also use the amp to refine your own, individual sound. Featuring both clean and overdrive sounds, you create everything from pure, jangly clarity to menacing rock tones. Gain, bass, and treble controls give you further opportunity to tweak your sound, letting you discover new tones and inspiring sounds.

If that wasn't enough, the Frontman amp comes with an aux input that allows you to plug in your music device and play along to your favourite songs. Not only is this perfect for practicing to songs and backing tracks, but it can double up as your own personal music speaker.

An easy and hassle-free way to develop your guitar skills. Along with the Stratocaster and Frontman, you also have access to a three-month subscription to Fender Play. This provides you with a variety of tutorials and tools to help you master the guitar. Its range of easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons let you learn at your own pace. It also teaches you to play iconic songs from across the genres, including tracks from The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and many more.

Package Includes:

Squier Affinity Stratocaster Guitar, Black
Squier Frontman 10G Amplifier
Fender Padded Gig Bag
Fender Guitar Strap
Fender 10'' Instrument Cable
Fender Guitar Picks
3-Month Fender Play Subscription
Brand Squier