Sigma DM-SG5 Electro-Acoustic Guitar

The Sigma DM-SG5 features a solid sitka spruce top that delivers a broad dynamic range and yields a crisp and articulate tone, making the DM-SG5 versatile to play. Its solid sitka spruce top offers a sparkling high response and a tight, clear attack, perfect for pronounced players. In addition, the Sigma's stunning solid top is accompanied by mahogany back and sides which produce a resonant distinct warmth. Additionally, used as back and side panels, the mahogany delivers a meaty mid-range, producing punchy, woody tones with plenty of depth and complexity that will please most playing styles. This sonically-pleasing mixture of tonewoods is well-known among guitarists as the 'classic' acoustic sound, providing versatility, warmth, and resonance with a powerful response, perfect for a wide range of genres and playing styles.

Equipped with a Fishman Sonitone, the player is able to project their distinct sound at larger events, have amplified rehearsals, as well as cherish the Sigma's natural voice within studio settings. The DM-SG5's discreetly placed electronics are mounted within the soundhole, meaning no additional cuts have been made to the instrument to provide a fuller sound. In addition, the Fishman Sonitone offers basic controls for tweaking the amplified sound, providing rotary controls for tone and volume. The controls are easy to get to and adjust, ideal for quickly changing up your tone for live performance. With this, the Sigma DM-SG5 becomes an idyllic instrument for the gigging guitarist as well as the singer/songwriter that crave a performance ready instrument to accompany their vocals for live events.

With a D-14 fret body, part of the dreadnought family, players are certain to benefit from its rich, full-bodied, and commanding voice. The DM-SG5's D-14 fret body offers great volume and projection whilst maintaining overall tonal balance, perfect for a wide range of genres and a loud acoustic performance. The tone produced is able to accommodate numerous genres and playing styles with ease, from rock, pop, indie, folk and country. In addition, the mighty and commanding voice the DM-SG5 projects acts as an ideal vocal accompaniment, as the singer/songwriter is able to push their diaphragm to the max without feeling too loud against the guitar's volume, as it will sing as loud as you do. Furthermore, the big, bold dreadnought body offers a comfortable playing experience, although it is better-suited to the player more comfortable with bigger-bodied guitars, and those with a longer reach.

Constructed from mahogany, the Sigma's neck delivers a resonant rich warmth that responds superbly to many different playing styles with equal ease. Additionally, the neck has a low profile shape for added comfort and a better grip in each position up and down the neck. Furthermore, the neck is topped with a micarta fingerboard which offers a smooth playing experience whilst adding sonically pleasing tones to the guitar's overall sound.

The DM-SG5 features a bone nut, which offers excellent resonance and sustain, along with an authentic appearance. A bone nut also delivers a very balanced tone, and will last a long time. In addition, this type of nut naturally self lubricates and helps you stay in tune for longer.


Top Material: Solid Sitka Spruce
Body Material: Mahogany
Body Size: D-14 Fret
Bridge: Micarta
Saddle: Bone
Colour: Heritage Cherry Sunburst
Neck Material: Mahogany
Neck Profile: Low Profile
Neck Construction: Dovetail Joint
Fingerboard Material: Micarta
Fingerboard Inlay: Pearloid Parallelograms
Nut Material: Bone
Scale Length: 628 mm
Hardware Colour: Chrome
Tuning Machines: Grover Die-Cast
Pickguard: Hummingbird Motif
Electronics: Fishman Sonitone
Preamp Controls: Tone/Volume
Strings: D' Addario EXP16

Brand Sigma