Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone


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The godfather of instrument microphones. With its iconic sound signature and unbeatable construction, the Shure SM57 set the benchmark for microphone design, earning itself a lifetime residency in every recording studio and venue in the world.

For over fifty years, the SM57 has been making its mark on music. From the guitars on Nirvana's Nevermind. To the snare on ACDC's Back In Black. The list is endless.

Enjoy unrivalled versatility. If you only ever own one microphone, make it an SM57. You'll soon discover why it's the cornerstone of every engineer's collection.

The Shure SM57’s ability to get great results in any scenario has secured its place as the quintessential instrument mic.

It translates the power of seriously loud instruments to your recordings, handling intense sound pressure levels without distorting. When you place it in front of a guitar cab, its popularity will make sense. That’s the guitar sound you’ve loved on countless albums. Loud and clear.

This is in part thanks to the mic’s contoured frequency response, which sounds rounded and natural. A gentle presence boost at 4kHz imparts extra clarity to your sound source. You’ll capture the authentic sound of your instrument. All you have to do is point the mic and hit record.

The SM57 is the mic at the heart of so many impressive drum sounds. The cardioid polar pattern focuses on the sound in front of it, rejecting feedback and ambient noise. Minimum spill means maximum clarity and punch. Thanks to its super sturdy construction, there’s no chance of stray drum hits damaging the mic.

Although famed as an instrument mic, the SM57’s versatility doesn’t end there. It has been the official microphone of the White House since 1965. Every single president since John F. Kennedy has spoken into a 57 when addressing the nation. Why? Because it’s the most reliable microphone out there.

In fact, the SM57 has been a popular choice for many voices over the years. The vocals on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Californication were sung into a 57, as well as The Killer’s Hot Fuss. It’s the mid-range boost that helps vocals cut through a mix. Unlike sensitive condenser mics, even the most powerful singers won’t overload it.

As tough as a mic can get. Shure’s reputation for building virtually indestructible microphones started with the SM57.

A slender, metallic enclosure and hard-wearing grille ensure the SM57 can handle anything. It’s been rigorously tested to guarantee it will last for years, being heated, frozen, submerged in water, and even dropped from buildings. Whatever the challenge, it still worked!

EAN 4051355995257
Brand Shure