Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Microphone

Don't let your vocals just sit in the background, let them take centre-stage. Give them authority. The Shure Beta 58A does exactly that. This premium microphone delivers pure, unadulterated sonic excellence that has been tailor-made for vocals and speech. No exaggerated highs, and no loose or muddy lows. Just consistent sound across the entire vocal range, letting you take full control of your performance.

A natural presence boost at 4kHz and 9kHz provides clarity and intelligibility for your voice. Combined with a high-sensitivity design and a brightened mid-range, you can be sure your vocals will cut through the mix like never before. And with a slight bass roll-off, you don't have to worry about the proximity effect wreaking havoc with your sound.

Plus, with a built-in pop filter for minimising breath and wind noise, and an integrated pneumatic shockmount that significantly reduces handling noise and vibrations, this mic is perfect both on a stand and in your hands.

From John Mayer and Roger Daltrey, to Childish Gambino and Lorde, this mic has become the go-to choice for countless legends for a very good reason...

You thought your SM58 was strong? The Beta 58A goes even further. With a rich history of creating gear you can rely on for life, Shure certainly know how build a microphone that lasts. The Beta 58A is no exception. A solid metal housing keeps the precious internal components safe, whilst a new hardened steel mesh grille makes dents a thing of the past.

This mic is built to withstand extreme conditions. From being kicked around, knocked over, and thrown into boxes and vans, your gear goes through a lot. That's why the Beta 58A is built like a beast. Night after night, year after year - this truly is a microphone you can trust.

Firstly, the polar pattern. The SM58 has a cardioid polar pattern, whilst the Beta 58A's is supercardioid. This gives the Beta better side-rejection, and the SM better rear-rejection. However, supercardioid also gives more directionality, and is much-less susceptible to feedback when positioned correctly. The Beta 58A also features a Neodymium magnet, providing higher sensitivity and an output that is 4dB hotter than the SM58.

There's also a difference in frequency response. The Beta boasts a slightly extended low and high-end, which provides extra detail and definition to the SM. And with a new advanced pneumatic shock-mount system, the Beta 58A also offers lower handling and mechanical noise.

EAN 042406054720
Brand Shure