Martin Keep it Authentic

When it comes to guitar strings, cutting through the noise in an already busy market is a tough job. Martin have realised that the best way to do this is offer only the best, just like what they do already with their guitars.

Mike Zehner from Martin Guitar explains why they made the change.

The new Martin Authentic Acoustic strings are now here!

This exciting new range replaces the popular Acoustic, SP, Marquis and Lifespan ranges.

Authentic Acoustic, Superior Performance SP – Our favourites!

These strings are engineered with the performer in mind and will always stand up to rigorous practise and performance schedules. 

Inside each string is a high tensile-strength core that’s tin-plated for added corrosion resistance.
The wrap wire for the wound strings is of Martin’s highest quality and gives the player a true tone that can be counted on.

When it comes it tuning stability, corrosion resistance and great playability, if you haven’t tried Martin Authentic Acoustic SP, why not?

Price: £7.99 (free shipping)
Gauges Available 10-47, 11-52, 12-54, 13-56