Laney LA15C 15w Acoustic Guitar Amp

The Laney LA15C LA 15W 2x5 Acoustic Combo is a lightweight and portable amplifier which delivers great tone and good-looks. It features enough controls to shape your sound, without giving you too many distractions between you and your playing. A 3-band EQ offers bass, mid and treble enhancement, while a handy chorus switch creates a 'thicker' overall tone. The 'shape' switch also provides instant electro-acoustic guitar enhancement. This is a simple to use amp, providing enough tonal control without overwhelming you with added features to get between you and your playing.

The LA15C includes a headphone output which is ideal for late-night silent practice sessions. It also includes an AUX-in giving you the option of plugging in an external music player to play along with your your favourite tracks. Its portable size and light-weight make it ideal for grab-and-go sessions, and with its lovely vintage-aesthetic, it'll look great for when you're ready to get on stage.

UPC 5060109454345
Brand Laney