Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

Legendary tone since '82. The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer has earned its place in pedal history thanks to delivering incredible overdrive from its release and never really having to change- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The iconic green design and easy-to-use functionality stand it apart in the world of overdrives as a superb all-rounder. The modern, brighter version of the TS808 has a slightly rougher edge making it better suited to slightly heavier styles and the TS808 for cleaner applications. The TS9 can still do the classic warm, well-rounded sound that Tube Screamers are known for, but it's also capable of taking things up a notch and going slightly higher gain than its older counterpart. One thing's for sure though, you can't go wrong with a Tube Screamer.

The Tube Screamer's clever design is the reason it's still the industry-standard overdrive pedal. Widely imitated but never accurately replicated, there are a few unique features that give the TS9 its unique sound signature. One of these is that the active high pass filter in the clipping stage rolls off the bass so that only frequencies above 720Hz get the full distortion and harmonics below get progressively less, making the distortion frequency selective.

After the clipping stage, a passive low pass filter shaves off excess treble giving the characteristic mid boost that Tube Screamers are known for. The clipped output signal then also contains part of the input signal, perfectly preserving the original dynamics of the instrument while also improving the responsiveness and overall clarity of the distortion.

This is all made possible by the input buffer isolating the effect from the guitar, retaining optimum signal fidelity, one of the main reasons the TS9 can offer mid-heavy overdrive without the effect becoming muddy. This is what makes a Tube Screamer a Tube Screamer- optimum signal filtering and frequency selective distortion.

UPC 606559031153
Brand Ibanez