Ibanez PC12MH Open Pore Natural

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The Ibanez PC12MH, Open Pore Natural is a stylish and well-constructed acoustic guitar that is perfect for the player on a strict budget. With a body crafted entirely from sapele, the Ibanez PC12MH delivers a balanced and versatile sound that is compatible with a diverse range of genres and playing styles. In addition, the PC12MH 2018 features a grand concert body that is perfectly-suited to fingerpicking styles, perfect for the experimental player practicing their individual style. In addition, the PC12MH 2018 features X-bracing, reinforcing the guitar's structure, preventing it from collapsing under string tension, and enhancing the guitar's overall sound. Furthermore, the PC12MH 2018 also includes Ibanez Advantage bridge pins, that offer a secure grip for secure strings and easy string-changes. With an open pore natural finish, tortoiseshell rosette and pickguard, as well as chrome hardware, the Ibanez PC12MH 2018 offers a stylish yet authentic appearance that in certain to look great wherever you play.

The Ibanez PC12MH features a body constructed entirely from sapele, which is often compared to mahogany. Although compared to mahogany, the sapele produces a slightly brighter sound than mahogany whilst adding more top-end shimmer. In addition, its all-sapele construction delivers a consistent and balanced tone across the sonic-spectrum, projecting a well-balanced and defined tone with a little extra treble zing.

With a grand concert body, the folk and fingerstyle enthusiast is certain to adore the sound and response the PC12MH projects. Additionally, fingerpickers are also certain to love the clarity, articulation and precision the grand concert has to offer. Furthermore, the grand concert is significantly smaller than the grand auditorium, providing a big sound within a comfortable design. Its 634 mm scale length and lighter string tension make it ideal composing with as well as being mic'd up for studio and live settings, perfect for the musician on a strict budget.

Constructed from mahogany, the PC12MH's neck adds a resonant warmth to the sapele's tonal output. Additionally, its mahogany neck also responds greatly to numerous playing styles with equal ease. In addition, the neck is topped with a nandu fingerboard that is decorated with white dot inlays for added aesthetic appeal.

Unlike standard bridge pins, the PC12MH 2018 Electro Acoustic features advantage bridge pins, that are easier to take out and easier to put in. Each pin features a bulb shaped end, which is not only easy to grip, but also prevents the pin from being pushed in too far, for a reliable performance.


Top Material: Sapele
Body Material: Sapele
Bridge: Nandu Wood
Bridge Pins: Ibanez Advantage
Bracing: X-Bracing
Body Type: Grand Concert
Colour: Natural
Finish: Open Pore Natural
Rosette: Tortoiseshell
Neck Material: Mahogany
Fingerboard Material: Nandu Wood
Number of Frets: 20
Scale Length: 634 mm
Hardware Colour: Chrome
Tuning Machines: Open Gear w/ Butterbean Knobs
Strings: Ibanez IACS6C coated strings

UPC 606559999071
Brand Ibanez