Ibanez GSR205B GIO 5-String Bass Walnut Flat

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The Ibanez GIO GSR205B 5-String Bass Guitar, Walnut Flat delivers a professional grade performance and versatile soundscapes without breaking the bank. With 5-strings delivering an incredibly wide range of deep tones, the GIO Bass is equipped with Dynamix H pickups to accommodate its extended frequency range and provide fat, punchy sounds. Its body is crafted from solid mahogany to create a naturally warm tone, while its maple neck delivers beautifully bright characters. The addition of a jatoba fingerboard broadens its dynamic range, while its smooth feel offers a comfortable performance. Finished off with a powerful PHAT II EQ for dialling in the perfect sound for any situation, the Ibanez GSR205B GIO Bass is the perfect companion for the aspiring bassist. .

This 5-string Ibanez Bass features a lightweight mahogany body with elegant contours and a smooth design, creating an incredibly comfortable instrument with sweet, warm tonal characteristics. As well as appearance, the GSR205B GIO also features a double-cutaway body shape which allows easier access to the higher frets, delivering incredible flexibility across the entire fingerboard.

Along with its smooth designed and fast playing experience, the neck’s maple construction provides a beautifully bright characteristic, creating a snappy attack in the midrange with a sizzling high end. When the strings are played hard, the wood adds extra layers of punch to the tone, while light to medium picking offers more clarity. Additionally, the neck is paired with a jatoba fingerboard which enhances the overall projection, offering a strong, hard character to add extra punch and a subtle amount of brightness.

This Ibanez GIO Bass is equipped with a set of powerful Dynamic H Pickups, designed specifically for 5-string basses to accommodate the extended frequency range and deliver truly thunderous tones. Incorporating individual volume controls for each pickup, the GSR205B allows you to blend both pickup tones to create unique soundscapes. The master tone control shapes the bass’ frequency response, letting you dial in your own desired preference. Additionally, the built in PHAT-II EQ circuitry allows active style bass boosting via its one channel EQ preamp, deliver a beefy and deep tone for when you need to add an extra layer of thunder.

It seems most manufacturers have their own entry-level ranges of Basses these days and fortunately Ibanez isn't an exception to this rule. Ibanez GIO series Basses are exceptional, each instrument is built to the same high quality specifications as that of its premium counterpart. So if you're looking for an entry level Bass Guitar by a historically renowned guitar maker then look no further than the Ibanez GIO series Basses.

Over the past 30 years, Ibanez have always been at the forefront of developing the right tools for players pushing the boundaries of music. For decades, Ibanez designers and luthiers have been the embodiment of this ideology, pushing their skills to the edge of imagination, consistently creating some of the most versatile and unique instruments ever. Ibanez basses have been used on some of modern rock's most poignant albums of recent years. The preferred instruments of many awe inspiring bass players, amongst them Fieldy from Korn, Paul Gray from Slipknot and Peter Iwers of In Flames, Ibanez Basses continue to be the first stop for learners and professionals alike, no matter what musical genre they exist in.


Body: Mahogany
Bridge: B15 (16.5mm String Spacing)
Construction: Bolt-On
Finish: Walnut Flat
Neck: Maple
Scale: 34''
Fingerboard: Jatoba
Radius: 305mm
Frets: 22 Medium
Inlays: White Dots
Nut Width: 45mm
Neck Pickup: Dynamix H (Passive)
Bridge Pickup: Dynamix H (Passive)
Controls: 2 x Volume, Tone, Phat II EQ
Machine Heads: Die-Cast
Control Knobs: Small ABS Snap-On
Hardware: Black

Brand Ibanez