Ibanez AEWC11 Trans Charcoal Burst

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Deliver resonance and articulation in good measure. The sapele back and sides of the Ibanez AEWC11 offer tonal qualities that are similar to that of mahogany. It has the ability to offer a gorgeous, immersive sound that focuses on the midrange for that highly desired warmth of sound. Going one step further, sapele also brings beautiful high-end definition that laces your notes with a stunning sparkle, perfect for shimmering harmonies. It is superbly versatile and will thrive with any playing style, a compelling feature for such a striking guitar.

Built for thrilling performances, the spruce top offers a sublime, balanced tone. This teams perfectly with sapele as it evens out any harsh frequencies, allowing a range of techniques and styles to be projected beautifully with a well-rounded feel. Spruce also offers crisp articulation, resulting in superb dynamics and glistening clarity. Say goodbye to any muddy textures, the sapele and spruce combination will ensure that every single note rings out with delicious definition.

One of the ultimate deciders of playability is the guitar neck. After all, you want something that allows you to slide across the frets with comfort and speed. Built from nyatoh, the neck of the Ibanez AEWC11 is silky-smooth, guaranteeing a flawless performance. Its warm tone is a must for that raw acoustic feel and its sturdy construction ensures it will last you for years to come. Mounted onto such a wondrous neck is a fretboard crafted from walnut, a wood that brings amazing tonal and practical capabilities. It produces a bright tone that teams wonderfully with nyatoh and is perfect for the type of clarity needed for a fretboard. Its idyllic sound only grows better with age too as it gradually becomes warmer and softer whilst still retaining amazing versatility. It begs any type of fretting technique - such a soft finish won’t slow you down.

The beauty of the Ibanez AEWC11 lies in its astounding versatility. Take with you anywhere and deliver a captivating performance. Its warm, pronounced tone is ideal for smaller, more intimate settings, and its Fishman Sonicore pickup makes it suitable for more expansive environments. The pickup responds beautifully to natural, acoustic tonal qualities and so you can be sure to retain the stunning, authentic sound even when amplified. Equipped with an Ibanez AEQ-SP1 preamp, this guitar also allows for your unique tailoring. Finetune the bass notes and those tantalising trebles, this guitar's pickup and preamp lend themselves to precise sculpting. From a dark and striking appearance to a sound that is balanced in warmth and sparkle, the Ibanez AEWC11 is an affordable yet truly mesmerising guitar.


Body Top: Spruce
Body Back & Sides: Sapele
Neck Type: Nyatoh
Scale Length: 634mm
Fingerboard: Walnut
Number Of Frets: 20
Pickup: Fishman Sonicore
Preamp: Ibanez AEQ-SP1 Preamp With Onboard Tuner
Soundhole Rosette : Acrylic
Tuners: Chrome Die-Cast
Strings: Ibanez IACS6C Coated Strings

Brand Ibanez