Fender Blues Junior IV 1x12 15W Valve Combo Amp

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The Fender Blues Junior IV 1x12 15W Valve Combo is the newest iteration of the popular Blues Junior format. These small amplifiers have become renowned for their grab-and-go size with real valve tone and classic Fender saturation when the volume is cranked. Fender has listened to its customers and modified the Blues Junior IV to include new vintage design touches and a modified preamp circuit. This new circuit provides a fuller sound with more definition and clarity. The reverb circuit has also been modified to keep your tone clear and frequency-response intact, no matter how much you turn up the reverb effect. The Blues Junior is a single channel amp with a FAT switch that gives a mid-boost; an ideal switch for solo playing that really cuts through the mix. Despite its compact proportion, the Blues Junior has a Celestion 12'' A-Type speaker for a balanced response and excellent projection. The new Blues Junior IV is a refined version of an iconic amplifier and will continue to be popular with musicians who need a no-nonsense grab-and-go solution for gigging, rehearsing and recording. With improved Fender tones, updated aesthetics and enduring popularity amongst musicians worldwide, the Blues Junior IV continues to be a great-sounding and reliable package.

The Fender Blues Junior IV packs 12AX7 and EL84 power amp valves into its small chassis. This creates an authentic valve warmth and organic response, along with a highly musical breakup when cranked. The Blues Junior has a preamp gain control to add 12AX7 tube saturation to your sound. It also includes a FAT switch that boosts the mids and gives a fuller tone that is ideal for playing solos that cut through the mix.

The Blues Junior IV has a modified preamp circuit from its predecessors. It now has a fuller frequency response with greater detail and clarity. The reverb circuit has also been modified ensuring that, no matter how high you turn up the reverb effect, your tone will never lose its top-end sparkle. The new vintage styling lends the Blue Junior IV a boutique feel and provides a classy presence on stage.

The Blues Junior's small dimensions make it the ideal grab-and-go amplifier for rehearsals, small gigs, and jam sessions. 15 watts of valve tone means the Blues Junior can create real power amp saturation at sensible volume levels, giving it increased usability for recording musicians. The amplifier has a handy 3-band EQ for tonal sculpting, and a FAT mid-boost circuit. This is a no-nonsense single channel amplifier with a simple control layout for guitarists who like to plug in and get great tone with minimal fuss.

The 12'' Celestion A-Type speaker provides a well-balanced output with smooth highs, even mids, and a full lows-end. Its 12'' size provides a full-size response and projection making the Blues Junior IV the ideal amp for small gigs, recording sessions, and rehearsals.

The Blues Junior IV features updated design touches including ivory pointer knobs, steel-reinforced strap handle, lightly-aged grill cloth, and an improved control panel texture and graphics. These features give the amp a more 'boutique' look with a refined and classic aesthetic.

The Blues Junior is simple to use and can create great tones with minimal fuss. It takes pedals extremely well and is the ideal unit for your front-end drive and modulation effects. The amp is constructed with Fender's legendary high build-quality, giving you a reliable package ready to withstand the rigours of a musician's life. Practice sessions, rehearsals, last-minute jam sessions; all are possible with the portable and versatile Blues Junior IV.


Power: 15 watts
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes: 2 x EL84
Speakers: 1 x 12” Celestion® A-Type
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle, Mater, Reverb, FAT Boost Switch
Effects: Reverb
Inputs: One 1/4”
Weight: 14.3 kg
Amplifier Covering: Black Textured Vinyl
Grill Cloth: Lightly-Aged Silver
Pilot Light: Red Jewel
Footswitch: 1-button footswitch included

UPC 885978878246
Brand Fender