Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi Distortion

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Coveted '70s tone, built for the modern performer. The Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi Distortion has become a staple on countless musician's pedalboards. Why? As much as we can talk about its rich, blistering-hot fuzz tones and irresistible sustain – you only need to listen to the greats of rock music to understand its potential. Whether it's Hendrix, Santana, or even John Lennon – almost every guitarist has discovered the brilliance of the Big Muff. So it goes without saying that no pedalboard is complete without one.

Slash through the mix with exceptional clarity. The Big Muff is renowned for its screaming high-end. So you can trust that every one of your solos will be the main event in performance, with nothing standing in your way. Its never-ending sustain gives you even more sonic options for your playing. And with a smaller housing, you can experience classic '70s fuzz with more convenience than ever before. Whether you're cranking up the gain, or creating a more subtle, textured guitar tone – each note will ripple in signature Big Muff style. Are you ready to join the greats?

Brand Electro Harmonix