Electro Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz

Don't let the size of this pedal fool you. When cranked, it can deliver some serious noise, especially with the volume and gain controls turned up. This is one responsive machine, though, and when the settings are lowered, it will purr with clean, slightly distorted tones. This gives you a great deal of room to experiment, and find your own fuzz-filled niche. The filter control acts as a low pass filter, so you can find the perfect amount of high end to enhance your sound and deliver a range of different fuzz types, from warm to frenzied.

Be your own fuzz fanatic. Fuzz pedals have been used through the decades to deliver that unmistakable, distorted tone which sounds delicious in almost any song. From the likes of Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour to Jack White and Slash, there are so many different playing styles and songs which can be brought to life by the Flatiron Fuzz.

Building on the fuzz sounds of the 20th Century, it uses symmetrical hard clipping to deliver punchy goodness. You can also roll down the volume knob on your guitar to clean up the sound as you see fit. In conjunction with the Flatiron Fuzz dials, this makes for an incredibly responsive, compact and capable pedal, which will deliver the sound you want every time.

UPC 683274012056
Brand Electro Harmonix