Boss BF-3 Flanger


The BF-3 is destined to be an instant icon, much like its older relative the BF-2. With the similar insane flanging sounds, the BF-3 takes flanging to another level with the thickest sounds yet for a full, versatile performance. It's compact, rugged build is incredibly tough and is therefore ideal for the gigging musician whose pedals may need to take a bit of rough use.

The BF-3 Flanger Pedal features 4 control knobs which allow you to shape and create your ideal flanging sound. Depth and Rate are typical controls on a flanger pedal, though the BF-3 boasts many more impressive features to make your sound stand out from the crowd.

There are 4 modes for you to use to suit your playing style including Ultra, Standard, Gate/Pan and Momentary. Ultra allows you to create a deeper and pumped up sound, whereas Standard does exactly what it says and produces a standard flanger. The Gate/Pan Mode is a new feature for the BF-3, as Pan allows the flanger to pan from left to right. Gate allows you to play around with your chords to make them unique and impressive. Finally, Momentary is an extremely useful feature as you are able to only use flanger at certain times during your play; ideal for accentuating a phrase or highlighting a guitar lick.

Resonance offers the opportunity to increase or decrease the frequency of the flanger, and Manual allows you to manually select the frequency at which the effect operates. This makes is incredibly easy for you to adjust the level of the effect to meet your individual needs.

Brand Boss