Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Mini Amp Pack
Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Mini Amp Pack
Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Mini Amp Pack
Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Mini Amp Pack
Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Mini Amp Pack

Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Mini Amp Pack

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If you're a solo musician, you'll know how difficult it can be to get all the equipment you need to perform properly. The Blackstar Super Fly is the answer. With a wealth of features, you'll never be left lacking. Most importantly, it's got two separate channels for microphone and guitar. So you won't need two units in order to play your instrument and sing at the same time - the Super Fly will accommodate both.

Aside from this incredibly convenient feature, there's a whole host more options it gives you in order to tweak and perfect your sound. Individual 3-band EQs for both channels mean you can adjust your ideal voicing. And two reverb channels mean applying a unique echoing effect to your guitar or voice is simple. Alongside dual volume controls, headphones-in for silent practice, and Bluetooth compatibility for streaming backing tracks or your favourite tunes through the amp, you've got a complete performance arsenal. This is a full live rig - all in one compact unit.

Busking. Live shows. Practice sessions. Whenever you need it, the Super Fly will be there. Because it really is the perfect amp for use on the go. It's extremely light and compact - which makes carrying it from show to show, to street performances, rehearsals, or wherever else you need it - easy. And it can be battery powered. So playing an impromptu gig when you've got no access to mains power is a breeze.

Make no mistake: tonnes of features mean nothing if you've not got good enough sound quality to back them up. Fortunately, the Super Fly's two 3" speakers deliver everything you play through them with total clarity. So whoever your audience is, they'll hear exactly what you intend them to with minimal interference. And 12 watts of power mean the Super Fly is comfortably loud enough for busking and small gigs. Experience excellent fidelity.

All you need to use your amp to the best of its abilities. The Blackstar Super Fly Pack has a number of accessories that'll all make your life that bit easier when performing. The protective carry bag is padded to ensure your amp is safe from bumps and scrapes. And its pockets have enough room to store any other small accessories you need to take around with you. A rechargeable power pack allows you to play on for longer without having to plug in. And when you do want to use mains power, a PSU-2 power supply means you can. Get the best out of your Super Fly.


  Power (RMS): 12 Watts
Batteries: 8 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Speaker Size: 3"
No. of Speakers: 2
Bluetooth: Yes
No. of Channels: 2 (Channel 1: Mic/Line-In, Channel 2: Acoustic/Electric Guitar)
Weight: 2.45 KG
Dimensions: 284mm x 214.2mm x 156.7mm
Power Supply: PSU-2 Power Supply (For Plugging into Mains Power - Included)
Rechargeable Battery Pack: PB-1 Powerbank (With 2 USB Charging Points - Included)
Battery Life: 9 Hours
Carry Bag: GB-1 Gig Bag (Included)
Brand Blackstar