Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Mini Guitar Amp

£175.00 £249.99
The Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier is a groundbreaking new amp from Blackstar. It will be familiar to any users of existing ID:Core models, but with new features that lend itself to versatility and usability. You can stream music direct from another device, such as your smartphone, and play along to it. This can be useful for writing and learning songs and playing along to click and drum tracks. The ID:Core BEAM has been designed to handle electric, acoustic and even bass guitars. This makes it the ideal practice amp for multi-instrumentalists. What's more, separate ports for the left and right speakers in the BEAM mean you get tight response across all frequencies and stereo definition that is beyond the capabilities of lesser amplifiers. The ID:Core BEAM even outperforms dedicated MP3 docks thanks to its impeccable build quality.

The ID:Core BEAM features 6 different electric guitar voices (red LED), 6 alternative instrument voices (green LED), as well as two acoustic voices, two acoustic simulator voices and finally two bass guitar voices. To change between the choices, you simply press down on the Voice control knob, changing the LED colour and available options - providing you with a wide range of possibilities.

The effects section of the ID:Core BEAM differs slightly to that of the original ID:Core. There are new effects available, specifically for the bass guitar. These effects include a bass envelope effect and a bass distortion effect, with both the rotary control and level control affecting the overall sound.


6 Electric Voices
2 Bass Voices
2 Acoustic Voices
2 Acoustic Simulator Voices
Dimensions: 291mm x 202mm x 166mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 3.9kg
Power Output: 20 W
1 Guitar Input
1 MP3/Line Input
Bluetooth Connectivity
ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)
Modulation, Delay, Reverb and Distortion Effects
Effects Level
MP3/Line Input
Speaker Emulated Output & Headphones
Bluetooth & Tap Tempo
Speaker Size: 2 x 3''
Speaker Rating: 10 W
Brand Blackstar