Blackstar ID:Core 20 V3 Stereo 20w Digital Combo

An amp of the future for guitarists of today. The Blackstar ID:Core 20 V3 Stereo Digital Combo is the next generation of the ID:Core Series - it contains a universe of possibilities. Super Wide Stereo sound ensures that you get a rich, fat, full response from this amp, filling the room with your riffs. And with six distinctive amp voices in this single unit, you can really experiment with them too. Go from a sparkling, crystal-clear clean tone to a modern metal monster of a tone at the turn of a dial.

But the fun has only just begun. This amp was built to accommodate live-streaming from home. Using a TRRS 3.5mm cable, you can easily connect the ID:Core to a live streaming device and beam your sound out to the masses. Or if you want to practise with outstanding tone, you can use the cab simulation/headphone output to emulate your favourite cabs. Coming with an array of effects, as well as Blackstar's own ISF American/British tone technology, this is one amp you'll want to keep with you forever.

This amp is no one trick pony. In fact, the ID:Core 20 V3 has plenty of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to crafting your tone. Six built-in voices can take you from a spanking clean sound to a filthy distorted tone as you desire. The Gain and EQ dials let you further manipulate each mode for splendid sonic results. There's also the iconic Blackstar ISF control, which lets you instantly change between a British and American amp voicing, so you can experiment to your heart's content.

As if that weren't enough, there's a whole host of modulation, delay, and reverb effects included in this powerhouse which will spice your tone up further. Throw in Super Wide Stereo sound to fill the room and you've got one stellar amp to play with - it covers all bases.

The modern musician's best friend. If you're looking for the perfect amp to live stream, play along to your favourite tracks, or record, then look no further. Full USB connectivity means you can connect the amp directly to your computer, for slick recording and reamping. The ID:Core also boasts PB1 power bank compatibility, meaning you can take it busking. And using a TRRS cable, you'll be able to connect it to any compatible live streaming device, like a phone. Also coming with low-noise hardware, an ergonomic moulded handle, and deep-editing software, this digital amp is guaranteed to change your life for the better.


Wattage: 20W
Controls: Voice, Gain, Volume, EQ, Effects, manual, Tap, Modulations, delay, reverb
Inputs/Outputs: Cab Sim/Phones, Line In/Streaming, USB, Input

UPC 845644006601
Brand Blackstar