AKG P5i Handheld Microphone

The high-performance microphone's biggest feature is its ability to automatically configure with the HARMAN Connected PA app and ecosystem. Vocalists can spend less time setting up their equipment and focus more on their live performance. The P5i ensures that the best sound is automatically found, ideal for those just wanting to play music. The current products compatible with the microphone include Soundcraft Ui Mixers, JBL PRX800w loudspeakers, and dbx Di1 direct boxes.

The P5i features a supercardioid polar pattern. This pick-up pattern provides a narrower pick-up than cardioid microphones and delivers greater rejection of ambient sound. They are regarded as the most resistant to feedback and are ideal for single sound sources within loud environments, such as vocal performances. The integrated windscreen also offers protection from pop and wind noise, giving lead singers a clear and powerful sound.

Not only does the AKG P5i offer an excellent technical performance but ensures durability in its application. The microphone features a full metal body with a rugged wire-mesh cap designed to withstand the rigors of the modern live vocal performance. The P5i also includes a stand adapter and zip bag to ease transportation worries.


Mic Clip
Carry Bag
Brand AKG