AKG P5 S Dynamic Vocal Microphone with On/Off Switch

The AKG P5 S is a premium-grade dynamic vocal microphone which was born to be your partner on stage. The best possible gain before feedback and optimal audio performance is achieved by the supercardioid pickup pattern. This ensures maximum volume and power whilst minimising any potential feedback that may occur during a performance. Hear your monitors with absolute peace of mind.

Designed to withstand the rigors of extensive live use inside and out, the P5 S features a robust and rugged design with a heavy-duty metal body. When performing you need equipment you can trust. The AKG P5 S won’t let you down. Also included is a sturdy mic clip and carry case, even when not in use the P5 is protected.


High-performance dynamic vocal microphone

Provides powerful sound for lead vocals

Ideal for live stage performances

Supercardioid polar pattern

High feedback suppression

Minimise ambient noise

Heavy-duty metal body

Integrated windscreen minimises sibilance, and plosive sounds

On/off switch

EAN 9002761026948
Brand AKG